Property Management


Your investment = maximum return with the minimum involvement .


Rental / Leasing

Aggressive Marketing
Quickly respond to inquires
Show vacancies
Careful review of applications
Conduct comprehensive credit check
Verify employment & past landlord
Coordinate all repairs
Handle tenant complaints
24 Hour Emergency Response


Detailed monthly owners report
Year end income & expenses report
Direct deposit into Owners Bank Acct
Work Directly with your CPA
Payments of bills, mortgage, tax, insurance, utilities
Secure 24 Hour on-line access for Owners
Direct pay for renters
Track and manage cash flow

Creative ways to save you time and money because we have what you need under one roof. from eviction, to accounting, taxes, handy man services, construction, and even a termite company.

DRE Broker License #

M.O.R.E. Partners provides a full range of property management services, including marketing, advertising, applicant screening, rent collection, resident management, and property maintenance. M.O.R.E. Partners are experienced and knowledgeable about maintaining effective management services. We have excellent customer service and provide stability and security for tenants and the property owners.

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What We Do as Your M.O.R.E. Partners Group Property Manager:

>>Full Time Residential Property Management
>>Our full time management service consists of the following features:
>>Rental Market Analysis of the property. We survey market rents to make sure you are always getting the highest rent for the property.
>>Advertising on Internet, Website, Rental lists
>>Eye-catching sign at property to increase exposure. Arrange for showings and open
houses of property.
>>Screen tenants with credit, employment, and rental history. Use up-to-date legally
binding lease contracts.
>>Take initial photographs of the property for your protection. Coordinate all
correspondence with tenants.
>>Collect rent each month and issue all notices as needed. We can pay your
mortgage, utilities, HOA dues, etc.
>>Keep abreast of the current laws and procedures. We customize our management services to your specific needs.
>>Inspections of the property to make sure it’s well maintained. We notify the owner of any needed major repairs and take care of scheduling. We work with established contractors who give us reasonable bids and prices.
>>Monthly statements and yearly reports for tax preparation.
>>One Time Residential Leasing
>>Our One-Time Leasing consists of the following features:
>>Show and advertise the property.
>>Screen and interview prospective tenants.
>>Fill the vacancy with qualified tenant chosen by owner. Arrange for tenant to move into property.
>>Supply owner with signed lease, required addendums, disclosures, and information about tenant.
>>Collect Security Deposit and first month’s rent which is then sent to the owner (less any fees).

The Benefits of Using M.O.R.E. Partners Group

M.O.R.E. Partners Group management team works tirelessly to improve client relationships by providing consistent service and helping clients achieve peace of mind and maximum return on their investments.

In order to provide the greatest stability for your investment, we strive to find the best residents possible for your property. Due to our superior resident screening process, the properties we manage enjoy greater stability, fewer resident hassles, and significantly lower turnover compared with the rest of the industry.

>>We pull a national credit report on each and every adult applicant.
>>We verify that no applicants have a criminal background.
>>We verify that no applicants have previously been evicted.
>>We verify each applicant’s employment and income.


In order to reach out to a greater pool of prospective residents, M.O.R.E. Partners Group utilizes a variety of digital tools, websites, and media to showcase your property. We provide prospective residents with the opportunity to preview your property anytime and from any location. Our property listings include photos and profiles of available units. In addition to the M.O.R.E. Partners Group website, we showcase your property on many other sites, (add comma) including Craigslist, PadMapper, EastBayRentals, Google, Hotpads, Snaprent, HomeRentals, Places4Rent, and USAHomeRentals. Our technology enables us to regularly update these sites so that your listings are always current.


At M.O.R.E. Partners Group, we use Mofolio (a similar financial application like Appfolio), an in-house designed software to manage the financial health of your property. Through Mofio, we send you a monthly report detailing all income and expense information and your year-end statement. In addition to monthly and annual statements, we have the ability to make monthly payments for all your recurring obligations including, but not limited to, insurance, mortgage payments, homeowner association dues, and real estate taxes. At M.O.R.E. Partners Group there is never an additional fee for these services. Owners have access to this information 24 hours a day.


At M.O.R.E. Partners Group, we use a strict application and thorough background check process to find you a great resident. Occasionally, however, it becomes necessary to evict a troublesome or non-paying resident. When this occurs, court costs and legal fees to remove the problem resident can add up to thousands of dollars. By choosing us, your legal expenses for an eviction are covered by M.O.R.E. Property Group.

M.O.R.E. Partners Group
15601 Washington Ave.
San Lorenzo, CA 94580
Office: (510) 276-2207

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