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One thing I know for sure is if I want to stay small, “no problem”! There are plenty of individuals investors who have, and still are making a decent living. If I want to grow, I cannot do it without a team. I have made it happen for a number of years, starting with my father, mother, and my brother who has been a real estate broker for the last 20 years; and I have found there are only so many hours in a day and it is time to leverage my time.

Even my investor friends who do not have actual partners have assistants, interns, and volunteers who help them. At some point, you need to expand, or just stay small and remain a slave to Uncle Sam. Therefore, I have decided to establish a company based on partnerships. If you do not have enough experience to do it all, then do what the successful people are doing: build the right team.

I am committed to take advantage of this crazy market and be even more successful. We might need to hold some of these properties for a year or two until the retail market improves. We are expecting to finance properties for a year or two if we have to, that is those we cannot acquire by more creative means!

You guys – I know that it is a tough market right now and I am in the middle of it too. I have friends who have not sold properties for months. I have friends who are working 80 hour weeks in order to make their $10-20K a month to support their family (but they are doing it!). I have friends who work second jobs. My solution has been to partner up with experience professionals and to keep working hard, and be creative, think outside of the box, get support and encouragement from peers, be tenacious and just do it!

If you surround yourself with positive people who have expertise in the real estate or related industries, find a mentor, eat healthy and exercise; you should be successful in this market. My old saying is you get out of life what you put in to it. If you eat junk food you will look like junk: “You are what you eat”. If you are with unmotivated people you will never go anywhere. I am willing to do whatever it takes, all the time; providing it is legal and ethical. If there is a way, I will find it!

So I am looking for partners with years of experience to complement me as a real estate investor. I am looking for individuals who are successful, smart, and do not take no for an answer. This is what I have to do to accomplish my goals this year. However, what is worse? Looking back on this market without making millions of dollars – or being exhausted for the next 2 years, then looking back, and having lots of properties and true wealth?

Real Estate Joint Venture-We Buy Houses for Cash in Any Condition

Morepartners will Partner With You and Split the Profits 50-50! this one example of a  partnership.


How does it work???

Call the office (510-276-2207) and schedule a time to talk to one of the principals (Mark) submit your information on our webpage www.morepartners.org

  • Provide some details of the deal:


Estimated After Repair Value

Estimated repairs needed

Information of the existing loan(s): balance, rate, payment(s)

Information about the homeowner’s situation

  • We will discuss a strategy that makes sense (of the 12 strategies we use)
  • We will help you generate the appropriate offers, contracts, etc.
  • We will do a due-diligence with you: CMA, driving comps, validating repairs
  • We will arrange funding with you
  • We will arrange for, review, and negotiate renovation bid with you and contractors
  • We will arrange closing, insurance, utilities, etc.
  • We will work with you to project manage the project
  • We will list the property and get it sold!

Finally, we will SPLIT the profits with you 50%-50%

It’s that simple!
Of course, some projects don’t involve renovating the property at all. Depending on the situation we may suggest any combination of these strategies:

  • Cash, Wholesaling & Assigning
  • Buying Subject-To
  • Fix & Flip
  • Buy & Hold
  • Pre-Foreclosures & Short Sales
  • Bank Foreclosures, Tax Foreclosures & Auctions
  • Owner Financing & Wrap Around Mortgages
  • Lease Options & Variations
  • Equity Partnering
  • Auctioning
  • Equity Holding Trusts/Mortgage Assignment
  • Listing property with cash or “subject to” backup offer

If there is a way to make money on a transaction, we can generally find it!!

Of course, if there is NO MONEY to be made on a deal, we will tell you that as well – and we will recommend that you pass on the deal. Having an expert tell you when to hold and when to fold is a valuable asset!

A few additional details:

  • We will always provide an honest assessment
  • We will never interfere with your deal by talking to the owner or another party without your consent

If all parties agree to go forward, we will generate a Limited Partnership Agreement outlining the responsibilities of all parties

If two people bring us the same deal (not common, but it has happened) we do first come, first served.

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