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We’d like to thank you for coming to our network page. We guarantee that our network of partners, associates and affiliates can help you in almost any situation. Your initial consultation by phone, email or in person is free.

Our affiliates and associates are experts in the fields of law, property management, residential and commercial real estate, interior design and staging, flipping houses, construction, tax and accounting, bail bonds, personal security, service of process, marketing, web design and photography.

Our legal network consists of licensed attorneys practicing in the areas of real estate, business, civil and probate litigation, labor and employment law, appeals, tax, trust and wills, landlord-tenant disputes, non-profit, and entertainment.

Our tax team specializes in business and tax planning and includes an Enrolled Agent who is a retired IRS revenue officer with over 40 years experience dealing with delinquent taxes, a Certified Public Accountant and a tax attorney.

For example, let’s say you are behind on your mortgage payment and the lender is threatening to foreclose on you. Depending upon the circumstances, there are several ways we may be able to help: loan modifications, bankruptcy, injunction to stop the sale, suing the lender for predatory lending or other violations, or if necessary, a planned exit strategy.

Another example: are you behind in your personal taxes and you disagree with the IRS’s findings? Or is there a way to reduce the fees? We may be able to appeal or otherwise provide you with more time and our tax associates may be able to negotiate a settlement.
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